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Why Partaker Mini Desktop PC No Display?


Most of our customers meet this problem: the mini desktop pc no work and no display. Before delivery Partaker workers tested our mini desktop pc pre-installed Windows OS by at least 5 times. The hardware of Partaker mini desktop pc is seldom broken. Please operate as the following tips and pay attention to No. 5.

1.Make sure the VGA Cable/HDMI cable between the PC and display is well connected.

2.If that doesn’t work, change a VGA/HDMI cable for trial.

3. Make sure the memory you use is the same kind as per Partaker mini desktop pc requirement.

4. Close the power and try to open the mini desktop pc case carefully, check if the memory plugged corrector loose, unplug the memory and wipe it up by non-woven then remember plug ram on the mini desktop pc deep into slot completely, connect power adapter and re-start it.

5. Sometimes the problem comes due to CMOS button battery problem, the CMOS button battery remember some error information and make the computer no display, you can remove and try it again. If your mini desktop pc is losing its time or date settings, or you are receiving a message CMOS Read Error, CMOS check sum error, or CMOS battery failure, or lost display, for example, some users using Partaker mini desktop pc and find all indicator shows correct, RAM also correctly plugged in, but totally no display, it may due to the CMOS problem, it remember some error and shows nothing on hardware, you will need to remove your CMOS button battery and try it again.