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What is fanless computer? What are the characteristics and advantages?


Fanless computer was released nearly those two years for China manufacturers to master the core 

technology,the early years only a small number of overseas Taiwan manufacturers can develop 

and produce fanless computers,common configuration priced at up to more than $500, mainly 

for users that require high quality, high stability, long-running, zero noise, no dust.

General computer use fan cooling and no fan mini pc compare differences as below,

1) Noisy, prolonged use affects people's feeling quite a lot, even if silent fan, a long time after 

the sound is also big

2) No matter how high the quality of the fan over one to two years, there will be corruption rate, 

causing computer repair, no fan passive Heat, users never have to repair damage to the fan, 

which greatly reduces the quality of the risk of the computer.

3) Rotation of the fan for a long time,  lots of dust into the exhaust at the same time, older long 

months, there will be a lot of dust inside the computer poly

Set, causing a short circuit, the fan speed down and so on, will also increase the risk of damage 

to the computer. Dust is well known Computer predators, fanless computer specifically address 

computer predators this dust.