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Inctel I5 4200U I7 4500U Mini PC SATA Hard Drive Mode Settings


WIN7 support AHCI mode faster, sometimes the machine will be set to other modes, it will cause the system to repeatedly reboot, can not enter the system, follow the steps and methods to change the hard drive mode to AHCI, faster. Better performance

Step 1: Press the switch is turned on immediately press F11 on the keyboard (or press repeatedly) will appear the following interface:

Step 2: Use up and down cursor keys on the keyboard, select Enter Setup as shown above, and then press Enter, then enter the BIOS setup interface

Step 3: Select and use the left and right arrow keys to Advanced (Advanced Settings) as shown above, and then select this SATA interface under Configuration (SATA configuration) and then enter into the next diagram interface

Step 4: Select SATA Mode Selection After entering this interface (SATA mode selection) as the three options appear Figure carriage, generally RAID mode to AHCI mode after the carriage return, so the system is faster and better hard disk performance. Especially WIN7. The factory commissioning WIN7 system must be AHCI mode, or can not boot properly

Step 5: After the mode to AHCI, press F10 Enter, appeared to save and exit the interface, direct re-enter, you can save the changed settings and restart to take effect. RAID mode using multiple hard drives, generally do not need to use