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Why do you choose the industrial mini pc ?


Why do you  choose Industrial PC ?

With economic of development ,Industrial mini pc will be used in many places .

Industrial application area:

  1. Aeronautical Information: airport dynamic information display, query, monitoring and management systems, etc.
  2. Car Applications: Car PC, car media players, automotive electronics **, automotive equipment and other field
  3. Special use: special environment of electronic equipment, computer harsh environment, low-E anti-electromagnetic interference devices, and other rugged computers
  4. Equipment: reflow, wave soldering, sorting machines, sparks machines, textile machinery, packaging machinery, binding machines, and other installed Gua
  5. Financial system: ATM machines, POS machines, lottery machines, entertainment equipment, kiosk, etc.
  6. Intelligent Transportation: highway toll, traffic light control, automatic speeding capture, etc.
  7. Video Surveillance: Building DVR, bank monitoring, video surveillance underground mining, bus video systems
  8. Communication equipment: short interest platforms, billing systems, PBX, etc.
  9. Network device: firewall, intrusion detection systems, VPN systems, anti-virus systems, routers, Web servers, etc.
  10. Control System: distributed control systems, machine control, motion control, vision systems, water treatment systems, such as automatic control system
  11. Electrical equipment: power monitoring, power dispatching, remote meter reading, etc.
  12. Medical devices: monitors, diagnostic equipment, medical equipment
  13. Things: smart home, smart building, smart medical