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Fireware security router wireless tour free installation you deserve


Firewall security router wireless tour free installation you deserve

firewall appliance is to use software to simulate the functions of a router,

routing software and software can achieve similar functionality to normal routers,

covering flow control, Internet behavior management,

routers, firewalls and other technology and functionality.

Through the soft routing software, as long as there is a wireless network card of the computer,

we do not need a router will be able to enjoy free WiFi, even without any professional knowledge to understand,

easy to set up a button to complete the route.

Our firewall appliance can install routing software like Radius_Manager,

Router OS, ROS, Panabit, PF Sense, monowall, PFS, OPENWRT, Yunbs, XiaoCao, Wayos, Netzone, Bytevalue, Bithighway, Hi-Spider, iKuai etc .

You can choose one what you like .

And you can  customize your stickers .like below pic

So far ,our firewall without any problems ,

If you have any question,you can ask me .