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Industrial touch panel pc Finger touch drive our souls touch


Industrial Touch Panel PC Finger Touch Drive Our Souls Touch

Today We will help you know our All in One PC ,Someone always doubt what is the Touch Panel PC application area ?

  • both government agencies: public information dissemination, government affairs, floor indication;
  • the financial institutions: business inquiries, service marketing, service experience;
  • the communication: business inquiries, business promotion, business experience;
  • the Mall: mall shopping guide, business inquiries, product inquiries, new product promotion;
  • companies: Company Profile, Products, Case, image promotion;
  • real estate: project description, an electronic Broche, display units, landscape display, electronic sand table;
  • Tourism: scenic impressions, Hotel Room, e-ticketing, meals, lodging, travel shopping entertainment and other information display;
  • water and electricity: cost of inquiries, service inquiries;
  • IX learning: information search, e-book reading, notice announcement, enrollment and employment propaganda;
  • Can also be used in hospitals, catering and entertainment, exhibition halls, conference, wedding, transportation, military and other industries

More and more place will use such Industrial Touch Panel PC,In the future, it will simplify your life,

It will bring you an unexpected surprise,We supply 8 inch ~ 21.5 inch ,and 1 Lan ,2 Lan you can choose what you like .

If you have any other questions , you can ask me for free .

Believe yourself ,Industrial Touch Panel PC Finger Touch Drive Our Souls Touch !