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Taste the election office Partaker

Fanless Mini PC Experience


Fanless Mini PC Experience

As long,Inside the head only the traditional large computer concept ,But the traditional large chassis computer has lost the portability,

But with the development of social science and technology, there are some computer host is because of the existence of the movement .

I have a special series of portable mini-computers on my hands.(PARTAKER MINI PC )

Today We selected  one model  which is from the PARTAKER B series of B14 i7 5550U,PIC as below

Some people may think that this is only for office use,

But I see that our engineers often play games during the test,WOW  Sounds great .

For the traditional computer, you may need a wired connection network,

but we only need to add a 300M WIFI module, you can use the computer (Wifi like below pic )

In our office we  have already used this magical Fanless Mini PC.Like below pic