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a self-test to determine fault purr my computer sometimes during POST will be issued a different calls, and will be accompanied by various failures. Will be judged by how chirping computer POST when computer failure?


(1) a short ring: Memory refresh failure.

(2) or two short beeps: memory parity error.

(3) Three short beeps: System basic memory test failed.

(4) Four short beeps: the system clock error.

(5) five short blasts: CPU error.

(6) Six short beeps: Keyboard error.

(7) Seven short beeps: real mode system error, can not enter protected mode.

(8) Eight short beeps: Display memory error.

(9) nine short blasts: Motherboard memory error.

(10) a long three short: memory error.

(11) a long eight short: bad display data cable or video card contacts.