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ITX-N70SL 6 LAN 1037 Firewall Motherboard with BIOS6 LAN 1037U ITX-N70SL

Form Factor: Mini-ITX
Socket Type: FCBGA1023
Memory Type: DDR3
Hard Drive Interface: SATA
FSB / HT: 1.8
GPIO: 4-Way Input/Output GPIO
Size: 220mmx220mm

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6 LAN 1037 Firewall Motherboard with 6 Ethernet

N70SL 6 LAN 1037 Firewall Motherboard with BIOS

Item No. N70SL VER:1.1
CPU On board Intel 1037U dual-core 22nm processor 1.8GHz TDP17W
Chipset Intel NM70 high-speed chipset
Memory 1*SO DDR 1333/1066, Up to 8GB.
Display Integrated Intel HD Graphics core, support VGA display output.
Expansion Bus 1* PCI-E 8x slot, can be extended Optical interface module / Electrical interface module
1* Mini-PCIE slot, supports WIFI, 3G module,alternative with PCI-E 8x
Networking Integrated 6*Intel 82583V Gigabit Ethernet , Supporting Wake-On-Line,PXE
Storage Function 2* SATA hard disk interface, the transmission speed of up to 3Gbps.
1* MSATA slot, supporting SSD, the transmission speed of up to 6Gbps.
1* CF slot (alternative with SSD, jumper control swaps of interface)
Rear I/O 1* COM CISCO standard interface
2* USB 2.0
6* RJ-45
1* POWER(Switch)
1* 12V DC_JACK INPUT(side)
Built-in I/O Interface 1* JVGA 12pin
1* LAN_LED 2*13pin
4* USB 2.0
1* LPT
1* COM RS232
1* FP1(Front panel buttons and LED connected 2*5pin)
1* PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
1* ATX_4pin(can be made +12Vinput/output power interface)
2* PWROUT Hard drive power connector
Cooling System 1* CPUFAN 4pin 1* SYSFAN 3pin
GPIO 4-Way Input/Output GPIO
Watchdog Function Integrated chipset, support hardware reset function (L256, 0~255 seconds)
Power Supply DC12V Single power
Operating Temp. -10°C~60°C
Storage Temp. -20°C~70°C
Humidity 5%-95% ( relative humidity; non-condensing)
Size 220mm x 220mm

Order information
No. Model No. CPU Memory Display LVDS LAN USB COM BYPASS Power
1 N70SL_B VER:1.1 1037U/1.80G 1*SODDR3 1*VGA X 6*82574L 6 2 2 group DC/12V
2 N70SL VER:1.1 1037U/1.80G 1*SODDR3 1*VGA X 6*82583V 6 2 X DC/12V

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Item No. Description
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Intel 82583V LAN
B75SL VER:1.0 ATX power supply, Intel LGA1155 processor,B75 chipset, HD graphics, DDR3 memory, 6*gigabit
Intel 82574L LAN,
NM70SL VER:1.1 ATX 4 pin power supply, Celeron 1037U processor, HD graphics, DDR3 memory, 4* gigabit Intel 82583V LAN,
1 pair bypass
NM70SL_O VER:1.0 ATX 4pin power supply, Celeron 1037U processor, HD graphics, DDR3 memory, 4* gigabit Intel 82574V LAN,
2* IntelNH82580EB gigabit fiber interface
Support 2 pair bypass
N70SL_B VER:1.1 DC12V , Celeron 1037U processor, HD graphics, DDR3 memory, 6* gigabit Intel 82574L LAN,
2 pair bypass
OPT599 VER1.1 PCIE-8X 82599ES 10 gigabit fiber interface, 2* SFP interface
OPT580 VER1.1 PCIE-8X 82580DB gigabit fiber interface, 2* SFP interface

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