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Intel 82599ES SFP LAN Card PCIe8x with 2 *10000 MBPS SFPOPT599

Model Number: OPT599
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Size: 121.9mm (length) * 64mm (width) * 18mm (heigh)
Chipset: Intel 82599ES 10Gigabit network chipset
Network function:Provide 2* SFP+ 10000 Mb optical network interface

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10 Gigabits Network Card with 2 *10000 MBPS SFP
Model OPT599 VER1.1
Chip Intel  82599ES 10000 Mb network chip
Dimension 121.9 mm (length) x 64 mm (width) x 18 mm (high)
Network function Provide 2* SFP+10000 Mb optical network interface
Power supply features PCIE8x gold finger power supply
PCIE8x Network Card,Using Intel  82599ES high-performance 10000 Mb network card chip,
Provide 2 *10000 MBPS SFP+ interface, support PCIe 2.0
Each Ethernet port's physical sequence can reach 128 send and receive.
support Auto - negotiation, IPSec security functions.

According to the standard of short PCIe card design, The module with strong applicability and match the corresponding platform or the mainboard which is

widely used in network security equipment.It also can be applied to the server equipment to meet the bandwidth needs.

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