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Partaker K7 1037U routing softwareThe latest dual core machine 1037U routing software flow control RIPPLEOS openwrt firewall

CPU:Intel Celeron 1037u 1.8Ghz CPU
Network:Intel PCI-E 1000M 6*82583v
RAM:Support NB Memory SO-DIMM DDR3 204Pin (Maximum 8G DDR3)
Storage:Support 1*MINI-PCIE+1*CF Card+1* 44 PIN IDE+ 1* SATA
Wi-Fi:scalable wifi

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Partaker K7 1037U routing software




Intel Celeron 1037u 1.8Ghz CPU


Support 204 Pins DDR3 low-power low heat, Max. 8G RAM


Original new network security industry's most well-known brand motherboard VER version 2.0, V1.23 version with non Chengdu plant, using Intel ICH8M chipset integrated graphics card (built-in), 1 * MINI-PCIE expansion interface, 1 * CF card memory card interface, 1 * 44-pin IDE storage interface, 1 * SATA hard disk interface, maximum support 4G memory, support incoming call boot (circuit direct implementation does not depend BIOS), wake on LAN support, support for system power management, support temperature management, network card with a heat sink! !


Set 6 Intel motherboard (Intel) Gigabit Ethernet interface, using Intel 82583V / L 10/100 / 1000M Ethernet controller card bus with PCI-E

Heat sink

Processor with a dedicated turbo silent cooling fan ensures long working hours and stable heat


High-speed 1GB SLC industrial CF card. OEM quality, but off the card or electronic disk, often for no reason lost data, damage to the system, resulting in network is not normal, like a time bomb! ! (I fully understood)!


Standard 19-inch 1U, full-mold production, surface treatment of fine, sturdy fabric

Chassis Dimensions

483MM * 250MM * 44MM Machine weight 5.5KG Package


Built-in SSD hard drive bracket directly on the SSD Solid State Drive

The new chassis, new blue plate


RJ45 standard COM port, compatible with cisco standard, built-in standard SATA interface, minipci-e interface can be installed SSD, scalable wifi wireless card. With VGA facilitate debugging (without optional VGA port), front 2 USB interface, do not disassemble reinstall the system (tutorials), optional 2.5-inch hard drive, please contact customer service instructions when buying.

Standard 1U size deep 25CM wide 43.5CM high 4.6CM (refer Volans 49,006,200 dimensions) 25 cm depth for a variety of conventional machines


Our firewall appliance can install routing software like Radius_Manager, RouterOS, ROS, Panabit, PFSense, monowall, PFS, OPENWRT, Yunbs, XiaoCao, Wayos, Netzone, Bytevalue, Bithighway, Hi-Spider, iKuai etc

Partaker K7 1037U routing software

Partaker K7 1037U routing software

Partaker K7 1037U routing software

Partaker K7 1037U routing software

Partaker K7 1037U routing softwarePartaker K7 1037U routing softwarePartaker K7 1037U routing software

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