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Partaker U6Cloud Terminal

product name:Partaker Cloud terminal
product number:Partaker U6
Material / Color:Aluminum / Silver
External Interface:2*USB2.0,1*DVI,1*Microphone input and output,USB
Support System: Mulipoint server 2011,Windows& linux
Product Size:106x57x25mm
product weight:About 100g
Product acessories:1*U disk system,6*DVI Switch interface

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Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

U6 Product Specifications

product name

Partaker Cloud terminal

product number

Partaker U6



External Interface

2*USB2.0,1*DVI,1*Microphone input and output,USB

Support System

Mulipoint server2011,Windows&liunx

Product Size


product weight

About 100g

Product acessories

1*U disk system,6*DVI Switch interface

Cloud Terminal Partaker U6 Functional Characteristics

Users Artifact U6

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

INCTEL U6 is based on independent research and development in the production of a multi-user system, Microsoft developed a delayed six cloud terminal products, six products were an external keyboard, the mouse can operate completely independently, independently managed .U6 product launches, INCTEL richer end product series, U6 to meet high-definition video output, supports 1920 * 1080 HD output, 3D presentations and design documents, 32-bit true color presentation, operation without Caton, without delay, easier to operate, easier to maintain

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

Energy saving green

Ordinary computer power up to 150W-200W; U6 use of energy-saving design, the power consumption is only 3W, only 2-3% of the ordinary computer, the price is 30% and U6 ordinary computer prices, the customer after the initial purchase cost savings follow-up is more effective in reducing energy consumption, more green.

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

Independent operation and maintenance easy

U6 is working in a network environment, all programs and data are concentrated in the service side, and you can customize the server to manage their files secure, secure independent operation. After connecting to the host, the host can use any of the above software . Greatly reducing the cost of human resources and management costs, improve management efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and gave customers unprecedented convenience

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

HD 3D design

Support 1920 * 1080 HD video playback, support for server-side shared any software, such as OFFICE office software, financial software, UFIDA ERP software, real estate-specific software, 3D design software (AUTO CAD, PRO / E, etc.)

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

Multi-function expansion

U6 connects to the host and display, the screen can extend, extend, mirror, primary and secondary screen Switching, rotation and other functions

Partaker U6 Cloud Terminal

Application Environment

a. School, Reading

b. Office

c. Shares, securities

d.Training institutions

f. Design Industry