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Thin Client X5 (Updating)RDP8 Thin Client X5 for Windows MultiPoint Sever Fanless Cloud Computer

CPU: Cortex-A9
Processor:Quad-core 1.5GHz
OS: Embedded linux kernel
Video:1080P HD
Protocol:RDP 8.0
Size: 16.4×11.6×3.2CM

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Linux Thin client

Thin Client Partaker X5 Specifications

Shell material

Aluminum shell


RK3188 Quad core 1.6GHZ





8GB Flash

Graphics chip

Graphics Card Type MALI400 MP4


Embedded Linux Operating System



RDP Version



VGA input




Power Output

DC 5V/2A


HDMI,VGA,,USB*4,RJ45 lan port Audio output port,Power Interface


Smooth playback after a linked server online HD video (1080P)


Supports USB redirection devices


Upgrade to solid state

Working Temperature




Thin Client,Windows Thin Client,MultiPoint Sever,Fanless Cloud Computer

Thin Client Partaker X5 Technical

Q1: X5 is embedded linux kernel,can it connect to windows OS in the server?

Yes,X5 supports all windows and linux OS,including multi point server 2012.

Q2: What is the default password of X5 control panel?

No password,just need to click OK.

Q3: If the user sets up the password but forget,how should we do?

You can enter into control panel with administrator password,it is sharevdix5.

Q4: Why the online video is not smooth when the server configuration is strong enough?

Please confirm if you have installed software named Sharevdi set-up and enable the video mode in the server.

Q5: How should we set up the usb printer application in X5?

Please read the manual and install the software named USBIP for USB application in the server first.You can download the software from our website directly.

Green Thin Client X5

As one of the top thin client hardware manufacturer in China, Partaker aims to provide customers thin client known as high-qualified,simple design& energy-saving .With our professional insight, keen business sense, years of industry experience, advanced thin client X5 is tailored to satisfy the marketing needs which works like a pc.

X5, you turn out to be such a smart size.

Can you imagine the size of thin client X5 is only a little bit bigger than iPhone 6 ?

High-end,Unique,Elegant New Shell.

The shell of X5 is new Aluminum Alloy, it is with effect of wire drawing processing, its fine texture is as if a stream flows slowly in the tranquil forest. The quiet and elegance impression will make you feel pleasant and comfortable.

Multi-functional magic support satisfies your different requirements,  anti-theft design makes the steal impossible.

The exclusive design of multi-function magic support for X5, it takes you into the fantasy world of cloud terminal beyond your expectation.

1. The magic support can be mounted at the back of the monitor;

2. It can stand on the desktop, its shape just like the stance of an attractive girl , slim and beautiful;

3. New anti-theft design. The screw hole is customized and only the screwdriver offered by us can open it.

Simpler than Simpler---User Interface Design.

The user interface design of X5 conforms to the pursuit of concise beauty . Science and technology are advancing rapidly nowadays,complicated thin clients are no more mainstream,people prefer simple thin client,the simpler the better.

Design A for the user : Super concise login design

Design B for the user: Shortcut keys, user 1, user 2, user 3 as shown

Design C for the user: Very concise user interface, very easy to set up !

Smart Cloud Terminal X5, too fast to be aware of it.

Fast and Fluent Microsoft Office software experience, such as Word ,Excel ,PowerPoint, as fast as PC without any lag, seeing is believing !

The wonderful cloud terminal makes communication infinite.

X5 can support many chatting software, such as,MSN,YAHOO,WEBCHAT, Email,Skype,WeChat ect.

Make the conversation as real ,therefore, life and work will be much easier !

Online HD video play ,enjoy the fantastic experience with X5.

X5 is employed with RDP8.0 protocol, also supports Remote FX. This brings the excellent power for video.

No matter the PPT for presentation ,but also the online HD movies, X5 can play it easily.

The new redirection of USB port , supports ALL USB end devices.

X5 supports USB printer,USB disk,USB scanner etc,it ensures a convenient and smart internet experience.

Accessible to server , OS is no longer a problem.

With RDP 8.0 protocol,X5 supports 32bit color depth(WIN 7/2008).If XP OS,supports 24bit color depth.

For remote desktop,X5 supports host server with WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/2011/2012/LINUX OS.

Multi-language Available.

Multi-language selection (System User Interface):Chinese,English,French,Japanese,Thai,Portuguese,Spanish,Indonesia.