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Taste The Fine Art Mini PC by Partaker

Partaker NC360Partaker NC360 Thin Client Price With 3 Terminals 1 PCI Card

Extend users: 6 unit Extend distance: 10m Connection: PCI card + cable OS support: Windows XP Interface: PS/2 , VGA, LAN,SPK WEIGHT: 0.75kg SIZE : 12*8*2.3cm

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Partaker NC360 Basic Features
Extend Users: 6 unit
NC360 Set Included: 3 Terminals+ 1 PCI Card
Extend Distance: 10m
Connection: PCI card + cable
Interface: PS/2, VGA, LAN,SPK
Supported OS: Windows  XP 2003 server
Weight: 0.75kg
Size: 12*8*2.3cm

Partaker NC360 Advantages
1. Lower IT Administration Costs
2. Easier to Secure
3. Enhanced Data Security
4. Lower Hardware Costs
5. Less Energy Consumption
6. Easier Hardware Failure Management
7. Operable in Hostile Environment
8. Less Network Bandwidth
9. More Efficient Use of Computing Resources
10. Simple Hardware Upgrade Path
11. Lower Noise
12. Less Wasted Hardware

Partaker NC360 Thin Client Price With 3 Terminals 1 PCI Card

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